Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Time of Dreaming

They say Christmas is a time for dreaming -- a time when hope meets disappointment, when laughter meets tears, when all that we have done in the year is behind us, and our path for the New Year lies open and untrodden before us. Yes, Christmas is a time for dreaming.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you -- all of you whom we have seen during our winter concert tour. Thank you for coming to our concerts, for dreaming with us, for laughing with us, for celebrating, for being part of Winter Harp and the memories and joys of stories and music.

Christmas is a time for dreaming -- may all your dreams come true.

Lori Pappajohn
Winter Harp Director


Anonymous said...

Winter Harp is a performance we will see time and time again. Our venue is Capilano College. This last winter (2009) the entire family went. My 20 year old son was so overwhelmed by the passion of the musicians that he threw himself up off his seat at the end for the standing O.
May the Winter Harp continue festively and with inspiration year after year!!

Anya said...

I came across Winter Harp on a CBC television special several years ago and fell in love with the sound, the scene - everything. And while I am too far away to see you live (Quebec), I have purchased several of your CD's and listen to them every Christmas. - Anya