Monday, December 05, 2011


The Winter Harp touring season started out peacefully this year, saved as we were from the customary snow storm which often greets our first concert, and the extra last minute change in plans which this often entails. Patrick Ball, our harper/narrator and I spent a wonderful evening at our good friend Maureen's, who had her granddaughter April visiting. April, like Maureen, is also a harpist -- so we had 3 harpists all under one roof. One of the highlights of our trip to the Sunshine Coast is a visit to Maureen's wonderful home and visiting with her Cairn terriers. This year a triumvirate of furry faces greeted us as we settled in for the night, and as always we were left completely dogged out. Cairns are remarkable dogs, and rate very high in cuddliness on the doggy affection index.

The drive to the theatre was unremarkable this year; we have battled through snow drifts in the past. The marquee at the venue, which doubles as a movie theatre, paired us up with the latest installment of the Twilight franchise; stranger combinations have occured in our past: sharing a theatre with the rapper Snoop-Dogg comes to mind. The theatre let us pack in early and our sound people had us set up and checked quickly and efficiently. It always feels reassuring getting back into the swing of concerts, the entire ritual of the green rooms, changing, pulling pranks, and the friendly banter before a show.

Aside from some initial technical problems with the stage monitors, the sold out capacity show went very well. We had our first standing ovation of the season, which is always warmly received. Also when we were headed back to Vancouver on the ferry, seated in the cafeteria eating, several fans came up to us and thanked us for the great concert. One couple had come from Vancouver specifically to see us in Sechelt. They'd seen Winter Harp each year in a different venue, but they'd never seen Winter Harp in Sechelt before -- so they made the journey by ferry across Howe Sound to the Sunshine Coast.
A great start!

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