Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fans From Afar

In September, Lori Pappajohn had a call from a Barb Elco in Arizona. Barb said she had Winter Harp’s CDs and LOVED our music. Would Winter Harp consider performing in Arizona? she asked. Lori laughed: “We’d love to,” she replied. “But Arizona is pretty far way.”Then, just as an afterthought, Lori added: “Why don’t you come see Winter Harp in Canada? You could make it a Christmas holiday weekend. And there is no better place to be at Christmas than Victoria -- it is so beautifully decorated and is so magical. So why not come hear us in Victoria?”
Barb said she just might.

Lori didn’t think anything more of the conversation until the day of the Victoria concert. And then she thought: “Wow! What if Barb and her husband Jim ARE in the audience? We should do something nice for them.”

So Winter Harp bought a box of Victoria’s famous Roger’s Chocolates (established in 1885). During the show, Lori announced that two fans had come all the way from Arizona and that Winter Harp had some special chocolates for them which they could come and get after the concert. But, much to Lori’s surprise, Barb and Jim leaped to their feet (they were on the 3rd row) and came up on stage. Lori had no idea, up until this point, as to what they looked like -- or if they had even come. But there they were -- and they were dressed perfectly for the event. Both of them were in gorgeous medieval attire. They looked stunning!

Turning to the audience, Lori said: “Well, now you see how the audience should dress for Winter Harp -- we expect to see you all appropriately attired next year.” It was great to meet Barb and Jim -- and it was wonderful they chose to come all the way to Victoria to see Winter Harp.

By the way, when we do concerts in the United States, audience members quite often come in medieval attired -- especially in Mount Vernon. We love it. It’s such a gift for us to look out on the audience and see people in these outrageously gorgeous outfits.

So -- there is a challenge to you Canadians -- don’t be shy -- feel free to come to our concerts in your most beautiful medieval or renaissance frills and frocks.

Barb Elco (far left) and husband Jim (far right) pose with Winter Harp in Victoria.
The couple travelled all the way from Arizona just to hear Winter Harp in concert.

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