Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holly McFadden

At our concert Dec. 12 at Capilano College, we had a special request to play a song for Holly McFadden. Here is what we said at the concert:

There was woman named Holly McFadden. She was born and raised here in North Vancouver. She loved Celtic music and loved the harp. And her birthday was today. Only she is not here -- because in June she was tragically killed. But 16 of her friends have come tonight to this concert as a way of celebrating Holly’s birthday and to celebrate her life.

Holly, as you might guess, had a holly collection, and she loved songs about Holly. So, her friends asked that we sing a carol about holly. We chose Deck the Halls -- but not the usual words -- the old, rarely sung, words.

There is an old Irish saying that right now, during the Days of Christmas, the gates of heaven are open wide.

Here is our memorial to Holly -- the carol Deck the Halls:

Soon the old year will leave us
fal la la la la
But the parting must not grieve us
fal la la la la
When the New Year comes tomorrow
fal la la la la la
Let him find no trace of sorrow
fal la la la la
At His birth he brings us gladness
fal la la la la
Ponder not on future sadness
fal la la la la
Anxious care is now but folly
fal la la la la
Strike the harp and hang the holly
fal la la la la

Happy Birthday Holly

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murray said...

I love you sweetie - Murray