Friday, December 14, 2007



I don’t want Winter Harp to be held responsible, but . . . .

Just about every time we have done a concert this year, it has snowed.
Take for instance Whitehorse in September. The Yukon was having a glorious fall -- gorgeous fall colors, beautiful blue skies -- and then Winter Harp arrived. Within a day, it went from fall to winter. A biting wind, driving snow, fall colors buried and snow piling up.

Our next big concert was Nov. 24 in Winnipeg. Up until then, Winnipeg had been enjoying a beautiful fall -- gorgeous fall colors, beautiful blue skies -- until along came Winter Harp. Just before we arrived, autumn checked out, winter checked in and the snow arrived.

Well, certainly we’d be okay at our next concert -- Sechelt Dec. 2. Wrong. That day a wild snow storm swept in with high winds and pouring snow. And autumn fled from the lovely Sunshine Coast -- leaving winter to reign supreme.

Dec. 9 wasn’t any better. Winter Harp was schedule to perform in Edmonton. That morning it started snowing here in Vancouver and the performers barely made it to the airport because of the treacherous road conditions and the many accidents.

Then came Dec. 13 and our concert at Capilano College. Snowing again.

We have 6 concerts left -- PLEASE -- wish us luck. Really, the snow is not our fault.

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